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Ready to translate your passions into powerful insights? Bring your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your expertise to Experian.

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Imagine having the power to bring data to life.

To take information and turn it into solutions that advance industries, power companies, and improve the lives of millions of consumers around the world. That’s the challenge we take on at Experian in North America. Our team members excel at making businesses and communities stronger through the power of insight. Are you ready to inspire new ways of thinking—and achieve new levels of career success?

Find out more about what makes us tick and bring the best of who you are to Experian.

Our Culture: The Heart Of Experian

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Employee Testimonials

Tomas Carmona - Social Responsibility

“The company has to be concerned with its future. Not only its own business, but also the future of the society in which it operates.”

Donne Hammond - Social Responsibility

“I feel anybody can make a difference, and it’s easy to make a difference, and it makes you feel good.”

Julia Elliott - Recognition

“I think the company is really good at recognizing people’s achievement and their hard work. You’re valued. You’re really appreciated for the hard work that you’re doing.”

Heart of Experian

Alison Collins - The Employee Deal

“With the mentorship program, I was able to forge relationships with key senior leaders who inspired me and helped me decide where I want to go.”