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The Power of Company Culture

At Experian, we’re committed to helping consumers during the biggest moments in their lives, whether that’s renting their first apartment, buying a car or purchasing a home. We’re also committed to creating a welcoming and diverse company where each one of our employees can succeed. We understand that a supportive and exciting work environment plays a huge role in what our teams and our company can achieve.

Brolin Rodrigues’s Experian experience began three years ago. He recently made a trans-Atlantic move from our London office to Boston, where he works as one of our Sales Engineers. For Brolin, the energetic and driven culture at Experian, along with the “work hard, play harder" mentality, has helped him in his transition to state-side living. See what else Brolin has been enjoying during his time at Experian.


“Having only moved to America three months ago, I’ve loved exploring Boston in every way possible. Boston has some great bars and restaurants! I’ve loved going to the beach, cycling in and around the city and taking part in the variety of sports that take place here. I’ve also begun exploring outside of Boston beginning with America’s beloved Atlantic City…that was an experience to say the least!”

Friends & Food

“Funny enough, I now look forward to work on a Monday as, being a foodie, I’m in love with one of the pop-up food trucks next to our office! When I’m not thinking about my stomach, most of my good friends are in Experian, so I look forward to seeing them in the office. Experian is great at hiring similar personalities, so our social events (organized and independent) are always a blast!”

Work-Life Balance

“The work culture is one of the most balanced I’ve known or heard of. Experian expects (not just accepts) you to have a life, promotes a healthy balance between the two, and helps you to achieve it.

Experian is also very focused on growing and retaining talent by offering as many opportunities as possible to those seeking it. My three years with Experian are testament to that, with my move to Boston from London being a prime example!”

It’s your tomorrow. Start your career with one of the most innovative companies in the world.