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Senior Data Architect

Experian is an Equal Opportunity Employer Job Number: 18760


Experian wishes to hire an experienced Senior Data Architect to work closely with our business functions (Sales, Service, Finance, HR) and technical development teams to:

·provide a standard common business vocabulary

·express strategic data requirements in terms of business benefit

·outline high level integrated designs to meet these requirements

·align with enterprise strategy and related business architecture

·recommend database structures based on the data storage and retrieval needs

·recommend monitoring and pro-active maintenance approaches for repositories (structured and unstructured)

·report regularly on integration initiatives, extensions of the target data architecture

·liaise with key stakeholders to track the changing data needs of the company and adjust target state accordingly

Major Job Functions:

Foundation in systems development

The data architect should understand the system development life cycle; software project management approaches; and requirements, design, and test techniques. The data architect is asked to conceptualize and influence application and interface projects, and therefore must understand what advice to give and where to plug in to steer toward desirable outcomes.

Depth in data modelling and database design

The effective data architect will be sound across all phases of data modelling, from conceptualization to database optimization and have experience in SQL development, Hadoop tooling, Kafka deployment, and database administration.

Functional Responsibilities

·To set data architecture principles

·To create models of data that enable the implementation of the intended business architecture

·To create diagrams showing key data entities

·To create an inventory of the data needed to implement the architecture vision

·To organise data at the macro level (i.e. which subject areas are managed in which goldensources)

·To organise data at the micro level (i.e. data models for new applications)

·To provide a logical data model as a standard for the goldensource and for consuming applications to inherit

·To provide a logical data model with elements and business rules needed for the creation & support of DQ rules

·To remain abreast of technology and its impact on data architecture, including Big Data, Streaming Analytics, etc.

·To work with Enterprise Architects to provide relevant design and architecture documentation

·To work with Security Architects to ensure adequate security of sensitive data elements (eg. GDPR, HIPPA)

Knowledge, Experience & Qualifications

  • Clearly demonstrate hands-on leadership of major data architecture projects or programs
  • Clearly demonstrate knowledge of current technologies and their applications and impact on data Architecture
  • Experience working in global organizations; multi-lingual and multicultural environment; offshore and/or outsourced development teams and third party suppliers
  • 5-7 years of experience indata architecture with enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, Service Management, and reporting
  • It is considered desirable not essential that the applicant have knowledge of relevant Oracle products