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Data Management Analyst

Experian is an Equal Opportunity Employer Job Number: 183342


The purpose of the role is to investigate complex problems through expertise in disciplines within the fields of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. The role holder looks through volumes of raw data to identify patterns that can be utilized to solve complicated business problems. Our Data Scientist is expected to mine, analyze & summarize actionable findings from billions of events to drive improved performance & accuracy within our core products.
Key Responsibilities/Activities
Data analysis (50%)
  • Analyzing, processing, evaluating and documenting large data sets
  • Identify and apply appropriate machine learning/data mining/text mining techniques to uncover the value of the data
  • Designing data structure and data storage schemes for efficient data manipulation and information retrieval
  • Developing tools for data processing and information retrieval
  • Developing data driven models to quantify the value of a given data set
  • Conducting ROI and benefit analysis
  • Applies analytical and industry knowledge to construct analytical solutions with details for internal and external clients to solve their business problems.
  • Makes decisions under supervision that require developing new options and troubleshooting uncertainty to solve complex problems.
  • Develop best practices for utilizing Experian and client data and producing new insights
  • Develop appropriate business assumptions for developing relevant solutions
  • Develop state-of-the-art topical material for Knowledge Share and relevant Roundtable discussions


  • Shares expertise with others and continually strive to improve overall contributions to the department.
  • Provides informal and formal mentoring within data team
  • Become a data advocate through publication and internal and external presentations
  • Actively participate in the greater analytical community through conference presentation and white paper.


  • Works independently on assignments using knowledge and work experience. Gathers input from colleagues and management to address issues within project team.
  • Influences at multiple account and project level internal and external, and may lead project and data engineer team


  • In consultation with line manager, maintain and action agreed personal development plan.
  • Seek and provide feedback as part of the feedback process.
  • Improve skills by reviewing and testing new techniques.
  • Maintain awareness of latest business and market developments.
  • Actively seek to develop competency/knowledge of both analytical methodologies and analytical software.

Knowledge, Experience & Qualifications